Ten Percent Revue
(cassette 1987)
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GET USED TO IT! tackles sex, love and relationships, politics, religion, and AIDS in a funny, serious and always thought-provoking manner. "A joyous statement for all generations of gay culture". -The New York Native. "The romantic songs are every bit as uplifting as the satirical songs are bitingly funny". -Philadelphia Gay News  "A humorous look at serious gay issues". -The New York Post

TEN PERCENT REVUE, the long-running Off-Broadway hit, was named "Critic's Choice" by Time Magazine. "Cheerfully assertive militancy tempered with humor and musical savvy. A brisk multi-styled score." -The New York Times "A funny, riveting show, an enlightened mixture of painful truths, renegade rhymes and hilariously creative spoofs. The messages are universal." -The Boston Globe "Jubilant in its affirmation of gay and lesbian love, life and culture! Bright, original and joyous." -The Advocate "An upbeat celebration which tweaks stereotypes and acknowledges serious concerns. The clever, inventive songs reach beyond its 10% target audience." -The Washington Post "...funny and lively. Weinberg is a gifted lyricist and melodist. This is a gay old time!" -New York Daily News 

DON'T MESS WITH MARY, the official recording of STONEWALL 25, is a compilation EP of Tom's songs produced by Wayne Barker and performed by drag diva Tina Benet, lesbian rocker Jan Tilley, New York CIty Gay Men's Chorus, and Dance Mix With Mary arranged by Plato. 

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