MUSICALS: TEN PERCENT REVUE (1985); GET USED TO IT! (1992) TOM WILSON WEINBERG SONGBOOK (1999); Vol. 2 (2002) THE TEACHINGS OF CHAIRMAN RICK (2005, Revival! 2006); AFTER GUANTÁNAMO (2006); SIXTY YEARS WITH BRUHS AND GEAN (2005, 6, 7, 8); SUNRISE AT HYDE PARK, Eleanor and Hick, workshop productions in NYC and Phila (2013, 2014); Oscar Visits Walt, part of Philadelphia's celebration of Whitman's 200th birthday (2019)
CABARET SHOWS: The Keith and Tom Show (2008), Foot Locker (2008), The Keith, Melissa and Tom Show (2009), Good Songs for Tough Times (2009), Reading Between the Lines (2009), Rainbow Mountain (2010), Valentine Tour (2011), Cabaret Crime (2011-12), All's Fair in Love and More (2012), Cabaret Verite I, II and III, Our Family Meeting (The Pope visits Philadelphia, 2015), Songs at 75
RECORDINGS: GAY NAME GAME (1979); ALL-AMERICAN BOY (1982) TEN PERCENT REVUE (1987): GET USED TO IT! (1993) DON'T MESS WITH MARY (1994) LESBIAN SEAGULL (1997) [from Beavis and Butt-head Do America]
For the Pope's vist, Our Family, Philly Fringe 2008. photos: Kevin Broad
Melissa, Keith, Tom, photo: Kevin Broad
Emanuel Carrera, Melissa Kolczynski, Chy Spain
Bruhs and Gean, 1937

             l to r: Andrew Boyask (Ray Corry), Tom Wilson Weinberg (Franklin Roosevelt), 
Heidi Hayes (Eleanor Roosevelt),  Ezra Berkley Nepon (Lorena Hickok)  
        Photo by Kevin Broad

Cookie DiOrio, Andy Boyask, Messy
 LaFae, John Jarboe, Tom, Amber Hikes,
 Mr Stine, Chris Bartlett, Meg Rider